Day: Thursday

Times: 10am / 6.30pm /

Venue: Seagoe

Address: Seagoe Rd, Portadown

Consultant: Elaine Murphy

Telephone: 07712113228

Hello everyone my name is Elaine Murphy I am 56 years old married with three daughters and three lovely wee grandsons. I have had a weight problem for 56 years…yes you are right from the day I was born! I was a 10lb baby and quickly developed a great love of food in what ever form.
All through my childhood I was a big girl and memories from school would be of being the biggest girl in the class . When I reached about fifteen or sixteen things changed for the better and the weight seemed to fall off me and I thought happy days no more weight problems but it wasn’t to last. I was married at twenty and really quite slim but when that ring went on so did the pounds!! With each pregnancy I was a little bit heavier but it didn’t really bother me till I went to look for a wedding outfit and then I realised my baggy clothes and elasticated waists hid a multitude. It was time for action and I joined a class in Dungannon called Slimline and through class support and change of life style I lost three and half stone. I became a leader and really enjoyed helping members to adopt a healthier way of life and reduce their weight. Due to unfortunate circumstances Slimline came to an end and as the years went by I was not as focused and gained about stone and a half.
I saw an advert for consultants on Facebook needed for WeSlimTogether and I then realised how much I missed the support of a group decided to apply. I joined Randalstown class and travelled from Portadown to attend. I really enjoyed the class and the help and support offered was amazing. I have lost my stone and half and am trying to shed another wee half stone and I have no doubt I will make it. I transferred to Magherafelt group when it opened and I love it just as much. I feel so good and just love the eating plan which suits my healthy appetite to a T. Losing weight is something no one can do for us but we can get encouragement,guidance and help from WeSlimTogether and I cannot wait to be giving that help to my new members in Portadown. Elaine x