Day: Wednesday

Times: 10am / 4.30pm / 6.30pm

Venue: Carrickfergus Baptist Church

Address: 3 Northland

Consultant: Sheena Logan

Telephone: 07731530252

Sheena Logan –  Hi, my name is Sheena, I joined We Slim Together in June 2015 after I had put on around 4 stone over a few years – this was mainly due to comfort and stress eating along with addiction to takeaways. I have never been ‘slim’, always the ‘chunky’ one. After being on a holiday with friends and looking back at some photos I decided it was time to do something about my size! -I was like a barrel! small and round! My size hadn’t really bothered me much, but I had back problems and they were not getting any better! I ended up with slipped and torn disks – I could hardly walk and standing in a queue was a nightmare, life was a struggle! I couldn’t even carry a shopping bag without extreme pains.
Within 6 months of joining WST I had lost 3 stone – I was delighted! I knew this was the plan for me, its so easy to follow and allows for living a normal life, with days out and occasional takeaway if wanted. My back gives me very little bother at all now, the odd twinge but I’ve no issues walking anymore and I can carry things without being in agony!! I sleep better, I eat better and I feel so much more confident about myself than I did before We Slim Together.
I have tried other slimming groups before and yes, I’ve lost weight but never managed to keep it off. I choose We Slim Together because it sounded like a life long plan that I could stick to and not go back to my old eating habits! Its different because of the treat day and never feeling like I ‘cant’ have pleasures or take aways and means that we can live life without feeling guilty and falling off the band wagon.
I believe in the plan so much that I decided I wanted to share it with others and applied to become a consultant. I love seeing the smiles of delight at the scales when people reach a target or goal they have set, its a great feeling!
I hope you enjoy your We Slim Together journey as much as I do – my journey is ongoing, I’ve still a little more weight I would like to lose and I plan to do this alongside my group. Being part of a group and not
just taking it means that I understand the bad days and the slips and the joys of being successful.
Lets do this together!