• Learn a healthier lifestyle.

    At We Slim Together we help to get your health in the right direction with a mix of professional support and a great community which meets in our weekly support groups based throughout Northern Ireland.

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  • For men too.

    We know it’s not only women who need to stay healthy and look after their weight. We have a number of male members, and they are all just as welcome to come and join in the fun.

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Why join us?

Lose Weight

Wanting to fit into that skinny dress and feel better about yourself? Losing weight can help, although we’re about more than just that.

Get Healthy

We help you focus on long term health, helping you to enjoy your life to a much fuller potential, for longer.

Have Fun & Meet People

We have a great supportive community who are always fun to be around. If you don’t believe us, come and see for yourself!


Star Stories



“I have to say, I have been to many a different slimming group but I never been to one with such a buzz or a support group, Sonya is doing an amazing job and the weight loss within the group is fantastic. Good job Sonya!” - Alison Faulkner

“Just thinking how this class is not only changing my weight its changing my health too! I owe a big thanks to Sonya because my health is definitely a lot better!” - Susan O’Neill